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What to do after a Motorcycle Accident to get Justice

Often, victims of car accidents walk out the accident without any harm caused to them, unfortunately, motorcycle riders are not that lucky. Motorcyclists do not have much protection and once they are hit by a car, they receive the brunt of the injuries. This applies to even when both riders were traveling at low speed.

The the result of these injuries can be great and life changing. If you or your loved one happens to be a victim of a motorcycle accident, their immediate actions after the accident will either help or injure your chance of getting proper compensation.

Advanced Planning
While nobody ever wants to think that they will get involved in an accident, it is unfortunate that most people find themselves there. What this means is that before an accident occurs, you must be in possession of contact information of a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer. This assist you to quickly contact your lawyer even when you will be in the hospital.

Call the Police
The next step is to call 911. All accidents are supposed to be reported no matter how minor it may seem. When you get involved in a motorcycle accident, the police will compile a report that will establish the negligent party. Ensure that the police complete and submit the report right on the scene.

Get a Medical Check Up
You might think that you are not injured, but it is best that the medical professional be the one to make that decision. Injuries related to the brain, soft tissues, neck, and back may take couple few days before they are realized. When you get a medical examination soon after the accident; you can avoid life-threatening complications. Delays in getting medical care can end up causing serious complications.

Have Evidence
Whenever possible, you can use your phone to take some pictures. The pictures should be of any damage to your motorcycle, the tyre tracks, the accident scene, any damage to the other vehicle, and any visible injuries on your body. You can get the contact information of witnesses who can support your side of the story. Exchange your insurance details with the other driver.

Don’t Repair your Motorcycle
If the accident was as a result of the other driver’s negligence, their insurance company might pressurize you to send your vehicle for repair. Even if you may want to get the motorcycle quickly fixed and be back on the road, do not do what the insurer is asking you to do until you have communicated with your attorney. The damaged motorbike can be utilized as evidence in a case where your lawyer is having trouble developing your case. If you have it fixed early you might be destroying this significant evidence.