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Business Corruption

Certain enterprises would seem more inclined to take a higher moral ground when it comes to money. Sectors like government, education, healthcare and religion. However, as we are all too painfully aware this is just not the case.Here are some examples:

–Recently, we’ve heard of politicians who cheat, are influenced by lobbyist “donations,” and help their political and business friends make big bucks. They’ll put their friends on the payroll, give publicly financed scholarships to their families, violate ethics rules, steer money to certain industries, and not behave in the public interest. They will compensate themselves generously and look out more for government workers than the public at large.

–We have seen “for profit” education placing profit above education. Recently we’ve heard about major corporate educational institutions duping applicants, falsifying job placement reports, saddling students with unconscionable student loan debt, misleading students and graduates about the value of their educations, and generally fleecing the taxpayer.

–There have been instances of healthcare providers charging outrageous fees which are then billed to Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers or the patients. Recent scandals identify providers charging for services that haven’t even been delivered, or are redundant or unnecessary procedures.