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Must know about Corruption Landscaped

It has now become necessary for any big construction to combine waste water treatment and recycling, planting and up keeping trees and greeneries in at least 15-20% of campus area, rain water harvesting, using solar technology for water heating, a proportionate park/jogging area and if possible, a swimming pool fed from the treated waste water, the latter to be used for gardening too. The next logical step would be to incorporate solid waste disposal, treatment and recycling at an earmarked isolated distant place for which the dwellers might have to pay and also reap the harvest.

We shifted to place called Dhanori, Lohegaon in 2010. On the right side of the apartment, there was a hillock at an approximate distance of 3 Km. Between my apartment and the hillock, there were some bungalows, otherwise the land looked to be rocky and barren.

One day in June, 2012, I opted for that particularly secluded area behind my apartment building for my morning walk. I found that a narrow inroad has been laid across the barren rocky land and a national private undertaking had acquired 105 acre of barren land to build a micro city. There were big banners and hoardings. The most satisfying aspect was that, efforts were afoot to plant trees and shrubs all around the protected area. I went up to their construction office. There a patch of land was carpeted with green grass, large number of shrub pots were placed all around and there were two dining table size rocks placed strategically. I sat on one of them to take rest for a while before beginning my return morning walk.

Whenever I had the pleasure of sitting aloof in a peaceful surrounding, some pertinent questions begin to brainstorm. Anna movement on Lokpal and Ramdev’s movement on black money were the talk of the times when I came to Pune. I was myself trying to find a clue about persons playing with huge amount of black money. Now that foreign banks are under surveillance, what would be the modus operandi of earthling such enormous amount of black money running into billions and the way they are switched into the white category.

The answer was shouting all around me. This land must have been bought in hundreds of million rupees while on the paper just a meager amount would have emerged. The input cost and the selling cost will only break-even showing only marginal profit. Hundreds of millions of rupees would become thousand of millions of rupees overtime. But now, it would be exchanged with diamonds, platinum and gold so that it could be stashed in as little secure place as possible.Oh! that’s why gold price is sky rocketing!

Having said all these, what the citizen of India is getting in return. An environment friendly place to live very near to places where they are earning their bread. A barren rocky place is getting turned into a beautiful and environment friendly landscape.

Corruption landscaped. Isn’t it? The strange ways of the nature which made it possible for man to transit from unearthing eatables in primitive days to eating fast food on streets and culinary delights in five stars; living in caves during stone age and now living in a multistoried building with the most advanced amenities; from bullock carts to BMW; from donkeys to air-buses and finally getting an almost new heart, kidney and the liver to win the 100 year marathon.