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Factory Auditing Investigation

Factory audit is the sensitive and crucial area in the factory working systems which is enlightening the credibility and worthiness of the business. There is more probability of frauds with the growth of the international trade all over the world. So, the factory audit investigations are the need of the hour in the present environment. These investigations are mandatory to provide the details on the various aspects of the company right from the availability of raw material to the finished products. These investigations are capable to reveal the standards procedures followed by the company management.

Usually factory audit investigations starts from human right performance to the supplier’s code of conduct. There is three steps process to carry out the factory audits.

First step in the factory audit investigations are the preliminary audits and the purpose of these audits are to observe and verify the functions of the factories. These approaches attempts to prevent low grade suppliers to take up supply chain processes.

Second step of these investigations are independent audit aimed to monitor the factory which included staff and management interviews and workers approaches to the works. These audit approaches form a favorable environment and quality guidelines for the improvement. Last is the verification by the external agencies where these external agencies recognize the various areas of the company to assess the improvements.

The main use of factory audit investigation is to verify the credibility and worthiness of factory. These kind of private investigations are more beneficial to identify the health and safety hazards and probable cause of the safety breach in the factories by the workers. This includes the lack of safety equipments and unawareness to use the protective equipments and missing licenses and permits .These investigations are helpful in bringing out the management inefficiency in providing the confidence in the workers to follow the standard safety procedures. At the same time, these processes are taken up to have a note on the workers exploitation by the way taking lengthy working hours. The workers are forced to have lengthy working hours, but not paid with the appropriate overtimes in lieu of the extra works. Factory audit investigations are capable to monitor the welfare of the workers whether they are getting the basic amenities and privileges. Moreover, these programs are aimed at educating the employees and to improve their working condition so that factories can have the better supply chain management.