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Employment Screening Eradicate Corruption

Same condition is in public and private sector where both the sectors have also accepted the change in the technology and role of manpower was limited. There has been tough competition in the market and corporate desires to hire highly competence lot to work for them. Due to this reason hires have become more optimistic in getting the extremely talented candidate with good qualification and high academic records. The main reasons for having such choices are that such talents could be utilized for multiple purposes. When there are more choices with the employers and they become more selective to hire multi talented candidates. It brings the cause of tough competition among the candidates and candidates are well aware of the fact If they won’t meet the employer expectations then they can’t hope for a prestigious job. This ideology forces them to adopt some unfair or illegal method to cheat on the employers. They try to search for new idea to get the job by cheating employers.

These days candidates have gone down to an extent that they are not afraid of improvising degraded method to cheat. Among such practices they try to create fake marks sheets and duplicate certificates with very good academic records. The fakeness has gone to such an extent where they try to put someone photograph on others mark sheet. Now a day cheaters have been using computers and scanners where they are quite able to make any kind of change in any document so no one can differentiate any change. They are cases coming in light for such fake mark sheets and duplicate certificates.

These unfair and illegal practices are hugely carried out by the candidates in all the sectors. These unfair practices have alerted employers in all the major sectors. In these circumstances employers have adopted the method of conducting pre or post employment verification. Pre employment verification is carried out at the initial level of recruitment where the employer can get the verification of the records, information and other activities which are not mentioned in the document during recruitment processes. Thereby they can examine the facts and get correct verification of records and they can protect the organization from cheaters or offender. Another is post employment verification which is carried out on the working employees to assess the character of the employees which may be corrupted due to long term service experience. There may be wrong tendencies among the old employees to take as the right to carry out the illegal or corrupt practices. When these verification are strictly carried out on the working employees and tough measures are applied on the defaulters then it may leave a fear in them, not to go for such corrupt practices and surely they will be under control and it would minimize the corruption level.