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All about Political Donations and Corruption

A separate problem, particularly in Germany and Austria, is that some commercial banks are still owned, if only in part, by the state. Some critics feel these hybrid banks tend to fall between the best practices in either private or public sectors. Campaigners complain these banks lack transparency and suspicions of corrupt practices linger.

In a number of countries, commentators have expressed continuing concern about persistent ‘petty’ corruption, often of a municipal nature, over permissions for planning, parking, food hygiene and even medical treatment and a wide range of activities that effect ordinary people trying to go about their everyday lives. In the United States the stream of allegations against the Los Angeles Police Department has become so serious it is a national rather than local issue.

In Greece TI conducted a revealing survey   that indicated that 45% of Greeks had been obliged, at some point, to cash bribes to various public sector services to get their cases dealt with. Healthcare and Planning and building permissions were particularly problematic. 95% of those surveyed were convinced that Greek public life was corruption ridden and 53% said the situation was getting worse.