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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Black Money And Culprits

Black money refers to funds earned by individuals or companies on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amounts of black money that are deposited by Indians in the foreign banks are unknown. This issue was lightened up by Swami Ramdev, a spiritual saint and social activist who has gained much acclaim around the world due to his meditation and yoga practices. After some giant scams like 2G, Commonwealth and Coalgate, black money issue was brought up by opposition parties.

It is said that many of renowned business tycoons, politicians and film stars have their bank accounts in different foreign banks and if brought back, can make Indian economy better. The problem is how to bring back black money and what punishment can culprits get if they found guilty? According to a very well-known and talented Corruption Matters Advocate Mr. Kislay Pandey­ Supreme Court of India, “A Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has suggested implementing some strict legislation and controls to prevent this practice in future such as to regulate the cash economy and also there is a need to change some existing corruption laws and regulations. Furthermore, we need to implement deterrent penalties for tax offences to deal with the menace.”

Furthermore, there is a need to start newly fast-track courts to conduct trials for all those black money culprits and make sure that the hearings are held and quick judgments are announced after the investigation. Government needs to act fast irrespective of culprits’ designation and party background. According to a recent report published in this week by Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money, out of 628 account holders in the Swiss bank, almost half of accounts are found with zero bank balance. What it suggests? The government needs to take action before account holders can reach to their accounts.

Fighting Effects of Government Corruption

For whatever reason, maybe the Media is bought off, the Nationwide Media is not interested in a (REAL & TRUE) story that proves without a doubt that our Government, and our Legal System is CORRUPTED; from start to finish; where there is proof of almost everything corrupt in writing, on Government stationary. I still do not know, for sure, what Government Agency or Agencies attempted to end the battle with me by causing, however they did it, my Ford Expedition to drive into a concrete bridge abutment between 55 & 65 Miles per hour on August 13th of last year in Maumee, Ohio, the very day that I was supposed to go to Tax Court against the IRS, in an issue that I had already won in the Senate Finance Committees Hearing on IRS abuse of the American People. For proof go to I was about to finally be able to get Court Records; even if it is Tax Court; of actual IRS’s Court documents for proof beyond a doubt, hell I already have enough evidence to hang an ELEPHANT, and to force the IRS to fight the evidence I had in writing. When you get to the point with the IRS, and almost any Government Agency, where you can prove 98.5% of the proof, in writing, of the corruption, they just ignore you. Breaking their own Laws. If you get a chance, go to and look at the Government documents. By the way, I believe in GOD and Jesus, so you’re not allowed to kill anyone; especially yourself; and there is no way in hell that I would ever drive my Ford SUV into anything, let alone a concrete abutment at “60” mph and eliminate myself. I truly believe, in my mind, that I eliminate whoever was causing me problems, not do myself in. I’m positive that I was saved by GOD, and the four best children in the World, though this crash.

A survey conducted by World Development Report some year ago, business man in surveyed countries said that the main problem with Government Corruption was that it increases risk and uncertainty. The risk declined dramatically if corruption produced reliable outcome. If all player have to play 10% and could treat of getting their license entrepreneurs could treat this as just one more tax, factor it into their calculations of profit and so could invest with confidence of sure gain. The quality of institution seems to be the most important factor for the growth of a countries. If the institution work moderately well, progress is possible even if money is skimmed off at the top. But if the institution are incapable of enforcing any right, corruption will hasten economic collapse. So far Indian economic is concerned the slow progress is the result of lack of decision making at higher level. Many politician who take money but could not enforce their will because of powerful lobby of bureaucrats at many place and a democracy like India, voice of media, voice of opposition could suppress the wish of the leader. India’s economic growth on an average 6% GDP despite considerable corruption is because of the stability and the liberalized measure taken by the present govt., gradual privatization of various sector, reducing bureaucratic intervention in routine work & other measure adopted by govt. In brief it can be concluded that corruption and economic growth has no clear correlation. Strong institution, political stability, fast and reasonability in decision taking are some of the requirement for fast economic growth and effect and motivate Local Police Breaking The Law.

All about Political Donations and Corruption

A separate problem, particularly in Germany and Austria, is that some commercial banks are still owned, if only in part, by the state. Some critics feel these hybrid banks tend to fall between the best practices in either private or public sectors. Campaigners complain these banks lack transparency and suspicions of corrupt practices linger.

In a number of countries, commentators have expressed continuing concern about persistent ‘petty’ corruption, often of a municipal nature, over permissions for planning, parking, food hygiene and even medical treatment and a wide range of activities that effect ordinary people trying to go about their everyday lives. In the United States the stream of allegations against the Los Angeles Police Department has become so serious it is a national rather than local issue.

In Greece TI conducted a revealing survey   that indicated that 45% of Greeks had been obliged, at some point, to cash bribes to various public sector services to get their cases dealt with. Healthcare and Planning and building permissions were particularly problematic. 95% of those surveyed were convinced that Greek public life was corruption ridden and 53% said the situation was getting worse.

Corruption Works

To explain corruption here I’m going to concentrate on lower levels of corrupted authority in the private and public sector. Private sector organizations tend to be more efficient than public sector equivalents because a profit making private business won’t last long with out customers actively choosing to purchase products or services from them for reasons such as those being better than the competition’s products or services. Whereas in the public sector, a lot of the time the consumer doesn’t have much of a choice or a say. Such as how the American police force is run, there seems to be a lot of room for improvement which just doesn’t seem to be being worked on, there are too many horrifying examples of American police brutality out there.

So let’s say there is a new multi-million dollar road paving contract up for grabs and the city council has to hire a company to get the job done, obviously wanting to keep the tax payers and voters happy all the while. Organizations who want the contract have to submit a ‘bid’ (how much they’ll charge, and a contract stating what they’ll do) for the job and the council chooses which ‘bid’ to pick.

Bidder one is a relatively small time fish, ‘Paver Joe’, he submits a small price for the job and sees this as an opportunity to grow his business rather than make a profit. His contract is a little unprofessional and the work isn’t a guaranteed professional job, but it’ll save the tax payers a lot.

Bidder two is ‘Pavers Inc.’, they’ve done this kind of work before, there company is very professional and can guarantee a perfect job done but at a significantly higher price. The tax payer knows they’ll get their roads done, but at an expected sacrifice of funds.

Bidder three is ‘Corrupt R us’. They submit a price only a little higher than Paver Joe’s price, and look extremely professional with flashy brochures and Armani suits. They also present all this to the council at Palm Beach golf and spa resort, all expenses paid and bring the family. Open bar too. After the speeches about the company, drinks and of course the part of the contract that states they give bi-annual reports which will happen here again at the resort, so see you back in a few months if you pick us. All is very comforting and seems reliable.

Bidder three gets the contract. During one of the bi-annual reports, a talk is given about how the pavers came across some problems in the road and it’s they have to do the excavation procedure according to paragraph 12 of section 2b and it’s going to cost an extra $2 million, but guess what, fortunately you hired us and we managed to lower the suppliers charge and it’s only going to cost $1.5 million. So thanks to your great choices you’ve just saved the tax payers half a million dollars! Along with a few more instances like this, the price of the contract can double or triple.