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Corruption Damages a Society

On Polity

Corruption undermines democracy and good governance. In election, for example, where the electorates vote the candidate that they think will improve the quality of their lives, corruption damages this chance by sabotaging electoral processes with bribery and fraud. Wherever we look at it, whether it’s in politics or in governance, corruption reduces accountability, distorts representation in policymaking, and compromises the rule of law in judiciary. In the Third World countries, where corruption is more rampant, rule of law is breached in consequence of grave abuse of power, making the checks and balances almost impossible. This is very serious in the face of the nation’s public administration and citizens’ survival.

On Economy

Corruption poses a very serious threat to the economy of a society. No matter how economically powerful the society is corruption weakens the economic growth of that society. Officials in a corrupt society mismanage the economy, loot the public treasuries, and allow embezzlement and inflation to take over. Contracts, which are meant for public services, are diverted to service the private

Tricks to Stop Corruption

Corruption is all-pervasive and cannot be eradicated completely and irrevocably. It exists everywhere in every stratum of society. However, most people associate corruption with the government, police, legal system and other entities that are somehow related to the control and allocation of public resources. The police are one of such public authorities that are responsible for maintaining order and justice in a society. A police department is very similar to other governmental bodies such as a court of law, or tax collection service, etc. It is a common belief that such organizations tend to be corruption-ridden for one simple reason. All theses public structures receive and distribute the tax-payers’ money, in other words there is no person totally interested in controlling the flow of funds like in a big corporation. A privately owned business is very different in terms of its ownership structure. There is a certain clearly defined group of people who own the business. It would be reasonable to assume that they are very much interested in controlling the monetary resources they invested in the business. Thus,

All about Corruption Politics And Democracy

It has become all-pervasive and entered every aspect of life to such an extent that it is now regarded as a fact of life and an evil we have to live with. In fact, a time has come when very few eyebrows are raised when we are informed of a case of blatant bribery; it is so common, so usual and all too familiar. We give and take bribes in the sphere of education, government and private service, all branches of administration, trade and commerce, industrial activity; scrupulous-honesty is rare; even temples and other places of worship are not free of it. Most of our politicians and legislators indulge in it without any qualms of conscience.

The great philosopher and reformer Edmund Burke warned the world in the 18th century that corrupt influence, which is itself the perennial spring of all prodigality and of all disorder; which loads us, more than millions of debt; which takes away vigor from our arms, wisdom from our councils and every shadow of authority and credit from the most vulnerable parts of

Semalt Expert Unveils The Guide On How To Get Rid Of Spam In Google Analytics

Referrer spam is considered to be the fake referral traffic as recorded in the Google Analytics report. It is fake because it is not created by actual people but by spam bots. A bot is a crawler program developed to generate repetitive activity. Therefore, those designed to create spam messages are called spam bots. They mostly use referral heads which have hidden URLs that redirect users to the site which Google bot then treats as a backlink which benefits the spammer alone as it boosts their search rankings.

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Good Bots Versus Bad Bots

Good bots are constructive while the bad bots have destructive tendencies.

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  • Bad Bots. These are any bots with malicious intent.
  • Data Integrity. It does not matter the nature of a bot. If it possesses the capability

Government Corruption

Politicians are fully aware of the corruption and nepotism as the main reasons behind the fall of Roman empire, the French Revolution, October Revolution in Russia, fall of Chiang Kai-Shek Government on the mainland of China and even the defeat of the mighty Congress party in India. But they are not ready to take any lesson from the pages of history. When the economy goes down or when business seems to be failing, one starts to look out for other opportunities which can be safe and profitable as well. For some people doing business with the Government starts to look more attractive. Government Contracting has become an excellent market to explore. A government contractor is a private company producing goods or services under contract for the government. Though there is a huge set of rules and regulations being followed but most of it covers a whole range of situations that won’t apply at once. The rules related with government contracting are contained in a document with more than 1,000 pages, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The hardest part to become a government contractor is that a completely different kind of accounting system is required which provides pricing

Informatio of Legal Corruption

Corruption – A Very Human Condition

But if we can lift our point of view from the drama of our best historical example and think of societal and legal corruption in a larger way, we can conclude some things: The very first (Mayor, Chief, Shaman, Priest) chosen or elected woke up the next morning in his hut and said: “I can take some real financial advantage here. Maybe have some free sexual encounters and definitely salt away for my 401(k).” This is personal corruption. That’s just where it naturally starts.

Then there is “Machine Corruption”. Scene 1 – The Good Cop gets an envelope full of green cash from one of his seedy veteran buddies. He is told to accept or he won’t be one of the guys. Scene 2 – The Good Cop tries to return the money. That gets him in much trouble.

After Personal Corruption and Machine Corruption, there is Systemic Corruption. Everyone has figured out ways of “gaming the system” and everyone kind of knows that everyone else knows that this is “accepted” and “OK” and is not going to get you specifically in trouble, because absolutely everybody does it.

Prevent Corruption And Crime

While violent crimes are serious, the institutional destructiveness in the form of corruptive con games remains callously counterproductive in extraordinary ways. If this scenario continues, we will all will witness a demise of the globe and might lead to hastening human regression and eventually extinction. Corruption has superseded in every arena and has become mainstream in every dimension to look at. With such poor crime control rates, a widespread increase in criminal conspiracies such as bribery, embezzlement, murders, extortions, human trafficking, etc has seen a skyrocketing increase. According to Corruptions Perceptions Index, fast-growing economies are leading the list of most corrupt countries. Shocking isn’t it. Putting an end to money laundering activities and ceasing the mushroom growth of secret companies from masking corruption can be done to stem the evils from our society and ultimately our planet.

If you think corruption is only limited to companies, economies, government bodies, think again. Poorly equipped schools, counterfeit medicines and illegitimate elections are decided by filthy rich men and women. Bribes and under-the-tables deals do not just steal resources from the most vulnerable lot, but such acts are undermining justice and economic development and eating away everything. Now, we are

Way To Fight Corruption

Corruption is the main reason for the common man not receiving the fruits of development. It is said that if Government allots a million rupees for development to a village, the actual and real expenditure on development is only one tenth of the amount allotted. The rest of the amount changes hands in various forms and fuels artificial demand for things that common man needs or wants like plots of land, small land holdings etc. I think that to tackle corruption requires very tough measures at least for some generations to come so that the habit is wiped out.

Right to property is the one right that encourages corrupt people to earn through dishonest and illegal methods to enjoy easy life and pass on the corrupt wealth to their progeny. The children of corrupt people can enjoy the benefits of corrupt practices of their father or mother and tend to lead luxurious life without making any effort and becoming a burden to the society. Especially in India, due to family bonds, people think of the well being of their children much more and many do any acts of corruption for ensuring easy life for their sons and

About Anti Corruption Tactics

In short, then, a generic model for a country program would include:

o Participatory diagnoses by local people of the problems, their extent, and their causes (more on how to do this below);

o A combination of a system of structural reforms carefully sequenced with a politically powerful message and some early successes to gain credibility;

o Which areas first: where the public perceives the problem (e.g., extortion in Philippines; licensing bureau in Venezuela; police and courts in many countries); where the economic costs the greatest (actions that distort policies as opposed to who gets a specific contract); where easiest to make a difference in the benefit-cost sense;

o Getting big fish (many ways to get). Illicit wealth as criteria. People know who is corrupt, yet most charges are false in public hot lines etc. Has to be within the ruling party or not credible;

o Reforms of incentives (first the easy ones revenue-raising areas), then systematic reforms beginning with objectives, on to measures, and finally to pay-performance links; and

o Greater transparency.

Denouncing and prosecuting a few big-time perpetrators of bribery, extortion, smuggling, tax evasion, and other illicit activities. But

Factory Auditing Investigation

Factory audit is the sensitive and crucial area in the factory working systems which is enlightening the credibility and worthiness of the business. There is more probability of frauds with the growth of the international trade all over the world. So, the factory audit investigations are the need of the hour in the present environment. These investigations are mandatory to provide the details on the various aspects of the company right from the availability of raw material to the finished products. These investigations are capable to reveal the standards procedures followed by the company management.

Usually factory audit investigations starts from human right performance to the supplier’s code of conduct. There is three steps process to carry out the factory audits.

First step in the factory audit investigations are the preliminary audits and the purpose of these audits are to observe and verify the functions of the factories. These approaches attempts to prevent low grade suppliers to take up supply chain processes.

Second step of these investigations are independent audit aimed to monitor the factory which included staff and management interviews and workers approaches to the works. These audit approaches form a favorable environment and

Employment Screening Eradicate Corruption

Same condition is in public and private sector where both the sectors have also accepted the change in the technology and role of manpower was limited. There has been tough competition in the market and corporate desires to hire highly competence lot to work for them. Due to this reason hires have become more optimistic in getting the extremely talented candidate with good qualification and high academic records. The main reasons for having such choices are that such talents could be utilized for multiple purposes. When there are more choices with the employers and they become more selective to hire multi talented candidates. It brings the cause of tough competition among the candidates and candidates are well aware of the fact If they won’t meet the employer expectations then they can’t hope for a prestigious job. This ideology forces them to adopt some unfair or illegal method to cheat on the employers. They try to search for new idea to get the job by cheating employers.

These days candidates have gone down to an extent that they are not afraid of improvising degraded method to cheat. Among such practices they try to create fake marks sheets and

About Corruption and Transparency

Corruption is rife and all pervasive, though many allegations are nothing but political mud-slinging. Luckily, in countries like Macedonia, it is confined to its rapacious elites: its politicians, managers, university professors, medical doctors, judges, journalists, and top bureaucrats. The police and customs are hopelessly compromised. Yet, one rarely comes across graft and venality in daily life. There are no false detentions (as in Russia), spurious traffic tickets (as in Latin America), or widespread stealthy payments for public goods and services (as in Africa).

It is widely accepted that corruption retards growth by deterring foreign investment and encouraging brain drain. It leads to the misallocation of economic resources and distorts competition. It depletes the affected country’s endowments – both natural and acquired. It demolishes the tenuous trust between citizen and state. It casts civil and government institutions in doubt, tarnishes the entire political class, and, thus, endangers the democratic system and the rule of law, property rights included.

This is why both governments and business show a growing commitment to tackling it. According to Transparency International’s “Global Corruption Report 2001”, corruption has been successfully contained in private banking and the diamond trade, for instance.

Hence also

Concept of Corruption

Mismanagement– is one of the causes of corruption in any society, especially in the underdeveloped countries. Public officials who are responsible for the governing of public funds are not competent and reliable in their management of these funds. Public officials; therefore, used the public treasuries as if it were their private funds to enrich themselves and award misleading contracts to the highest bidders.

Inequality of wealth- inequality increases corruption in a society. In a society where there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor, especially in the Third World countries; the rich always have greater advantage over the wealth of the land, which he can used to buy power and influence both legitimately and illegitimately. The rich-the ruling class or individuals-can also have the advantage to give bribery, use power or “connection”, which they have in their midst to influence law-implementing processes (bureaucratic corruption) and to buy constructive interpretation of the law (judicial corruption). As inequality increases, according to Meltzer and Richard, most of the population will be relatively poorer and likely will demand more extensive redistribution through higher levels of progressive taxation.

Selfishness and Greed-these are two most causal factors of corruption.

Black Money And Culprits

Black money refers to funds earned by individuals or companies on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amounts of black money that are deposited by Indians in the foreign banks are unknown. This issue was lightened up by Swami Ramdev, a spiritual saint and social activist who has gained much acclaim around the world due to his meditation and yoga practices. After some giant scams like 2G, Commonwealth and Coalgate, black money issue was brought up by opposition parties.

It is said that many of renowned business tycoons, politicians and film stars have their bank accounts in different foreign banks and if brought back, can make Indian economy better. The problem is how to bring back black money and what punishment can culprits get if they found guilty? According to a very well-known and talented Corruption Matters Advocate Mr. Kislay Pandey­ Supreme Court of India, “A Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has suggested implementing some strict legislation and controls to prevent this practice in future such as to regulate the cash economy and also there is a need to change some existing corruption laws and regulations. Furthermore,

Fighting Effects of Government Corruption

For whatever reason, maybe the Media is bought off, the Nationwide Media is not interested in a (REAL & TRUE) story that proves without a doubt that our Government, and our Legal System is CORRUPTED; from start to finish; where there is proof of almost everything corrupt in writing, on Government stationary. I still do not know, for sure, what Government Agency or Agencies attempted to end the battle with me by causing, however they did it, my Ford Expedition to drive into a concrete bridge abutment between 55 & 65 Miles per hour on August 13th of last year in Maumee, Ohio, the very day that I was supposed to go to Tax Court against the IRS, in an issue that I had already won in the Senate Finance Committees Hearing on IRS abuse of the American People. For proof go to I was about to finally be able to get Court Records; even if it is Tax Court; of actual IRS’s Court documents for proof beyond a doubt, hell I already have enough evidence to hang an ELEPHANT, and to force the IRS to fight the evidence I had in writing. When you get to the

All about Political Donations and Corruption

A separate problem, particularly in Germany and Austria, is that some commercial banks are still owned, if only in part, by the state. Some critics feel these hybrid banks tend to fall between the best practices in either private or public sectors. Campaigners complain these banks lack transparency and suspicions of corrupt practices linger.

In a number of countries, commentators have expressed continuing concern about persistent ‘petty’ corruption, often of a municipal nature, over permissions for planning, parking, food hygiene and even medical treatment and a wide range of activities that effect ordinary people trying to go about their everyday lives. In the United States the stream of allegations against the Los Angeles Police Department has become so serious it is a national rather than local issue.

In Greece TI conducted a revealing survey   that indicated that 45% of Greeks had been obliged, at some point, to cash bribes to various public sector services to get their cases dealt with. Healthcare and Planning and building permissions were particularly problematic. 95% of those surveyed were convinced that Greek public life was corruption ridden and 53% said the situation was getting worse.

Corruption Works

To explain corruption here I’m going to concentrate on lower levels of corrupted authority in the private and public sector. Private sector organizations tend to be more efficient than public sector equivalents because a profit making private business won’t last long with out customers actively choosing to purchase products or services from them for reasons such as those being better than the competition’s products or services. Whereas in the public sector, a lot of the time the consumer doesn’t have much of a choice or a say. Such as how the American police force is run, there seems to be a lot of room for improvement which just doesn’t seem to be being worked on, there are too many horrifying examples of American police brutality out there.

So let’s say there is a new multi-million dollar road paving contract up for grabs and the city council has to hire a company to get the job done, obviously wanting to keep the tax payers and voters happy all the while. Organizations who want the contract have to submit a ‘bid’ (how much they’ll charge, and a contract stating what they’ll do) for the job and the council chooses

Information of Different Corruptions Cases

In the case of one African country, there is evidence of corruption in several sectors: tax and customs bureaus, the state peanut, the development bank, and perhaps in social services like education. Several donors have made much of the foregone revenues due to inefficiency and probably bribery in customs and taxes. But before we equate foregone revenue to social costs, we must ask who gets the money that is now foregone and how they are spending it. The foregone revenue does not disappear from the face of the earth, nor perhaps even from the country in question. There are redistribution effects, most likely undesirable ones. But as old “revisionist” writers on corruption used to say, perhaps the most dynamic economic elements of the society are those who benefit from this kind of corruption, leading to more economic dynamism.

We must also investigate the extent to which various kinds of corruption “block” economic activity, or in contrast the extent to which there a “market price” with low transactions costs and low uncertainty. Sometimes a corrupt equilibrium has long delays, sometimes what looks like bureaucratic efficiency.

We should focus on the external support and incentives generated by corrupt

Construct an Anti Corruption State

The helpline number is active from 8am to 10pm and works all-round the week. The helpline is active from January 9, 2014. The helpline will have police assistance as well, to serve the common people. The vigilance department is also set to look into the matter. This will help the common people of the state to become powerful and nab the corrupt people in time.

Arvind Kejriwal formed AAP and fought assembly polls from Delhi. Common people welcomed the new party whole heartedly and thus a stunning victory of 28 seats out of 70 seats followed. To form the government, it shook hands with Congress to get the majority , for government formation. The party formed the state government, and Arvind Kejriwal became the youngest chief minister of the state.

AAP’s campaign to reduce corruption from its grassroots seems to get a new light. Since its assumption of office, AAP and Kejriwal are introducing new ways to make the state corruption free. The introduction of this helpline is a step further towards better a better state that AAP desires. Kejriwal once stated that “whether it is Sheila Dixit or some minister from the Congress, Bharatiya Janata

Must know about Corruption Landscaped

It has now become necessary for any big construction to combine waste water treatment and recycling, planting and up keeping trees and greeneries in at least 15-20% of campus area, rain water harvesting, using solar technology for water heating, a proportionate park/jogging area and if possible, a swimming pool fed from the treated waste water, the latter to be used for gardening too. The next logical step would be to incorporate solid waste disposal, treatment and recycling at an earmarked isolated distant place for which the dwellers might have to pay and also reap the harvest.

We shifted to place called Dhanori, Lohegaon in 2010. On the right side of the apartment, there was a hillock at an approximate distance of 3 Km. Between my apartment and the hillock, there were some bungalows, otherwise the land looked to be rocky and barren.

One day in June, 2012, I opted for that particularly secluded area behind my apartment building for my morning walk. I found that a narrow inroad has been laid across the barren rocky land and a national private undertaking had acquired 105 acre of barren land to build a micro city. There were big